WHAT I’VE GOT: Amazon Prime

by Jing Chang

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What is it?

Amazon Prime: a membership subscription of Amazon

Why do you think it’s desirable? Do your best to explain what you think works or not about it psychologically or emotionally for the user.

Besides its free 2-day fast delivery and the prime discount over thousands of products, what I enjoy the most about Amazon Prime is the Amazon Fresh delivery service.  Working with Whole Foods, Amazon provide this supermarket shopping delivery service to Amazon Prime users and allow them to just click on items at home and then get all items they want just in 2 hours.  I really enjoy this service as it saves lots of my time and allow me to order more than what I can carry if I drop in the supermarket myself.

Along with Amazon Fresh, other services like Amazon Prime Video can help establish user’s daily life routine.  Once they get accustomed to on-line fast grocery shopping and video watching, Amazon prime will be one inevitable part of their lives.

How your review compares to the previous reviewer

The previous reviewer focused on the general description of Amazon Prime while I give a detailed description of one of their services based on my personal experience.

Previous reviewer response

Amazon Prime is part of the reason why I try to make all purchases through Amazon. Amazon Prime costs $99 per year and gets you free 2-day shipping on over 30 million items. Amazon currently has 65 million paying prime members. The 2-day shipping guarantee is very useful. Shipping costs can add up, and free, fast shipping is a big draw.

It is interesting to note that Amazon actually loses money through its Amazon prime service. However, Amazon believes that the customer should come first and that this service, which keeps customers happy, benefits the company in other ways.

Prime now offers extras like Amazon Prime Video, which gets customers free movies from a small selection of films. Amazon is looking to use prime as a tool to expand its influence in consumer’s lives. They are looking to include other services via prime including worldwide wifi and cellular packages.

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