How I Built This is a podcast about “innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built” hosted by Guy Raz and produced by NPR. Each episode of the series features an interview with a successful entrepreneur in both the nonprofit and commercial areas of industry. Past episodes have featured interviews with founders and disruptors like Joe Gebbia of Airbnb, Jennifer Hyman of Rent the Runway, John Foley of Peloton, Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, and Steve Madden of the eponymous label. Many of these innovators were told their companies wouldn’t be successful and their ideas wouldn’t work. Yet, they continued to persevere against the odds in the face of social and fiscal defeat. How I Built This shares incredible stories of optimism and resilience. It’s a celebration of unconventionalists and nontraditionalists, dreamers and visionaries. I’m often awestruck. Ultimately, How I Built This inspires the cultivation of your own potential as well as the elevation of your intrinsic capabilities. This podcast reminds me to maintain a steadfast, unwavering belief in a singular cause.