Matt & Nat is a vegan luxury bag and shoe brand. I’ve been a big fan of them since 2017 when I bought one of their bags and brought them to the Harvard IDENTITIES Fashion Show in 2018 as a result. They make quality vegan leather using vegetable dyes and sustainable materials like recycled plastic water bottles. Their name even stands for MAT(T)ERIALS and NATURE. I now have two of their bags and they are so beautiful and people often ask where I got them. It makes me so happy to see more and more of their bags as I walk around campus and around Toronto. They now have their own retail locations and I visited it in Toronto a few months ago and was so happy to see how well they are doing. They are honestly one of my favourite brands! They prove that it’s possible to have sustainable vegan leather products in a time where many are beginning to argue leather is better than PVC because of how damaging the latter is to the environment. But Matt & Nat prove you don’t need to use PVC.