Sharing a name with a 2000 Hong Kong film, Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love, this story spans years of BTS’ music video concepts. The story centers on tragedies 7 boys experience (the 7 members of BTS portray each of the characters). With each new album series, BTS reincarnates this story in a different lens, once adapting Hermann Hesse’s post-WWI bildungsroman, Demian, and recently with Carl Jung’s concept of the Map of the Soul. The story pulls from endless sources, and has kept fans interpreting for years. The hardships the members portray aligns with BTS’ UNICEF campaign to end violence around the world, starting from drawing attention to what violence can look like in the stories of each of the characters. Admiration occurs for the layers of literary, historic, and artistic references (and the cinematography, symbolism, and subtlety in the videos) embedded in each story, and the cumulative effect is awe at the vastness of topics encapsulated. The overall effect feeds into virtue, where each individual story finds parallel in a larger story of humanity, and is worth telling, sharing, and elaborating upon.