Veep is a television show featuring Vice President Selina Meyer’s snuggles in politics and in life. I have always loved the show for its forthcoming way of depicting the political dynamics around the White House. The dysfunctional relationships Selina had with her colleagues show the worst of politics in a comical way. I think the show is inspirational in two ways. First, many exaggerated plots in the show actually echoes with the things that are happening now in reality, showing how the show tells an authentic story while promoting it as a comedy. Second, Selina Meyer is one of the rare female characters in TV shows that is a truly bad person and also bad in the way that only traditional male characters would show. She is not depicted as a pretty but vile woman, but am an ambitious politician who is willing to sacrifice her and especially other people’s lives for more power. Veep presents a novel kind of character that is refreshing to me.