The Capsula Mundi, an organic, biodegradable burial capsule that converts cadavers into nutrients for trees. A Project designed by Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel.

Different from modern cemeteries, the design concept is to create an entire cemeteries full of trees instead of tombstones. Unlike the schemes in other green burials that human ashes are buried along with decomposable materials, the Capsula Mundi uses whole bodies, not cremated remains. Stretchable fabric encapsulates bodies bent into a fetal position and shaped up in an egg-like orb, with a sapling atop the planted human bulb.

The project inspires people by Awe-Vastness to rethink the true essence of life and death along with the bio-degrading cycle that as the dead decays, it nurtures the spring up of new lives. Also by elevation that knows without producing massive carbon footprint by cremation, the energy is diverted from global warming, and dedicated to the forestation.

It is such a poetic project that twinkles the light of humanitarian and humbleness to nature.