My temporary home during this COVID crisis is a friend’s small apartment. A small apartment that appears much bigger than it actually is thanks to a wall of floor to ceiling windows. Every morning I wake up and look forward to pulling back the wide curtains to get my massive view of the outside world. Every time it leaves me feeling excited for the day. I think that these windows provide inspiration by employing the concept of vastness. My world (the apartment) is rendered tiny and a part of a much bigger world (outside) every time I pull back the curtains. It gives me a new perspective on my worries; they now seem less all-encompassing than before. The sense I have of my capabilities also seems to have expanded with this panoramic view of the outside street. Even just filling the room with natural light (to an illuminance otherwise not even achieved with several lamps and overhead light bulbs) adds to my awe of the power and vastness there is out in the world. All in all, I would recommend the installation of floor to ceiling windows where appropriate.