I do not own this chair, but I have had the opportunity to sit and read in one several times. For some reason it is an almost addictive experience for me. The chair is comfortable and an ideal shape for sitting back and reading, however neither of these are what make this chair so alluring to me. I think it might be the knowledge of the price tag. At just over $6,000 this chair somehow serves as an external source of inspiration for me. I feel elevated in the sense of accomplished and capable when settled into its form. It acts to stimulate my mind, giving me a feeling (real or illusory) of mental clarity, rationality and goal achievement. While reading in this chair, I feel like I am truly absorbing whatever content my eyes are flitting over and I get a visceral sense of my knowledge increasing and the world opening up to me. A feeling not all that different from the impact of vastness we discussed in class. I suppose what I am saying is that sitting in an expensive chair, reading an educational book is inspirational to me. That being said, I had these feelings before I knew the price of the chair (I only looked it up for this review). However, I had an inkling, derived from the context and the look of the chair, that it wasn’t cheap. If I could, would I buy this chair? I’m not sure. Part of my attraction to it might come from the fact that it is scarce (it is not mine and I only get to use it every once in a while when I visit the owner). However, I would highly rate the product for these, albeit tangential, reasons.