Studio Time is a virtual platform which seeks to connect, inspire, educate, and promote the work of artists from a variety of genres and skill levels. In essence, the platform combines the collaboration utility of three things: video conference software; tutorials and live streaming lessons; and a portfolio feature similar to that of Instagram. Studio Time will serve as a one stop shop for creatives in any discipline.

The problem we are solving is that every artist comes across a lag in creativity, a halt in motivation, or simply a lack of knowledge in a certain field. There does not exist a platform for artists and creatives to brainstorm, keep each other motivated, and learn.


To cultivate small, tight-knit online communities among users, new users complete a brief survey to be placed in a group where video chatting is the primary mode of communication. Once a group is created (by our algorithm), how group sessions function is entirely up to the artists: they could turn on their mute functions and use the time to work independently while using each other’s presence as an accountability measure, they could discuss challenges and triumphs of their current projects, or they could discuss matters completely unrelated to their endeavors. The self-autonomy after “matching” extends to scheduling their own virtual (or in person) meet-ups, as well. Importantly, the platform allows users to opt to be placed in a group with artists from disparate genres, should they want to exchange novel perspectives during their current creative process. People’s supply of self-inspiration can only last so long, so it is important to expose them to external sources, such as other people engaging in the same endeavors.

Inspire Me!

Studio Time also offers a unique “Inspire Me!” feature which allows artists to submit digital representations of their current work and elicit peer feedback about next directions. This element of the platform inspires people not only through the simple pragmatism of generating ideas, but also by exposing the users to the moral beauty of individuals assisting each other, inducing an emotional response of elevation. This inspires others to do the same. We also believe that helping someone else with his or her project would serve as a healthy break from one’s own work; we hope the Inspire Me! page will facilitate a continuous feedback loop in which people help and receive help from others, sustaining creativity, destroying roadblocks, and promoting inspiration through elevation.

Studio TV

Studio Time additionally affords artists the opportunity to develop and refine their skill sets through offering users access to pre-recordered and live tutorials via the Studio TV page. These tutorials will be led by top creatives in each discipline, lending users the hard skills and technical knowledge required to manifest their Studio Time inspiration into extraordinary creative projects. The live feature would be similar to Instagram Live or YouTube Live where people could comment or ask questions & the Expert would answer.

To allow artists to present their work to one another, Studio Time also offers a virtual “gallery” element. The experience of perusing through this gallery directly provides to users the “transcendent experience” of admiration; users can draw external inspiration from the beauty and skill encompassed in the works they engage with. Users can here admire the artistic dexterity of their peers and feel invigorated to begin or continue their own work(s). There is also, of course, a private portfolio feature to allow artists to collect their in progress and completed works if they prefer not to share publicly. 

Watch a demo below!

Watch our Demo here!