Doing laundry is terrible. Studies have found that it’s one of the most hated chores, with the average urbanite spending 10 hours a week on washing clothes alone.  36% of millenials have a gym membership: being active matters to the modern day working person. We sought to make working out as accessible as possible for a busy millennial, who is known to value their time more than money. In comes CYCLE, a partnership with boutique spinning studio SoulCycle (but scalable to any other type of studio like Barry’s Bootcamp, Everybody Fights, or CorePower, for example). 

The motivation to exercise is there, but having clean clothes is a barrier. Say a person wants to hit the gym after work but doesn’t have time to go home and get a change of clothes. Or someone might only have a few pairs of workout clothes but wants to train for an upcoming race. CYCLE ensures that every day, there’s a freshly laundered set of clothes ready to go when you are. 

Each CYCLE user fills out a tag explaining any laundry quirks like hang-to-dry clothes. After their workout, they leave their clothes in a mesh bag that is picked up at 3 intervals: morning, midday, and night. All clothes are delivered back to the studio before the next day’s first class, making sure that there’s always a fresh set. CYCLE thrives on increasing accessibility to exercise, using Fogg’s model.  CYCLE packages are an easy add on to package purchase options that already exist. A wash costs as little as $5/load, for a class where the price-per-class can be as high as $30.