Whole Foods is a high-end supermarket chain that emphasizes natural and organic ingredients. The retailer is also perceived to be diet-friendly as they carry many specialty products that cater to vegans and those with gluten intolerance. Whole Foods also places a strong value on local and fair-trade items. Walking through the isles, it’s not hard to stumble across packaging with buzzwords like biodegradable, superfood, sustainable, and biodynamic. The retailer is a beacon of health and wellbeing. Ultimately, this reflects the design principle of ideopleasure as the retailer capitalizes on the satisfaction of values and tastes. The retailer allows consumers to actualize their dietary goals and needs. Whole Foods targets a highly thoughtful and reflective segment of consumers who nourish their bodies as well as their minds.

Like any food retailer, Whole Foods also provides a colorful, highly sensory experience. Sights, tastes, and smells indulgent abound. This reflects the design principle of physiopleasure.