The Birkin Bag is the signature product crafted by Hermès. The bag is essentially a status symbol in the world of fashion and high society. The Birkin is a symbol of taste, refinement, and excellence of craftsmanship. The bag has been photographed with Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, Victoria Bekham, Miranda Kirr, and Mariah Carey. If you own a Birkin, you occupy a certain strata. Your ability to purchase the bag is determined by your social and cultural capital. You must establish and maintain a relationship with a sales associate before you’re given the opportunity to purchase one. The entry price level for a Birkin is $10,000; however, they can range in price upwards of $150,000+. The Birkin also thrives on the fashion resale market. The Birkin follows Cialdini’s behavioral and design principle of scarcity: supply is kept artificially low while demand and prices remain high. Like many of its peers, the bag only superinflates in value. This model of distribution is highly intentional on behalf of Hermès. This system reinforces the rarity of the Birkin while maintaining its sense of prestige. The bag also grants you social authority. If you own a Birkin, you’re an arbiter of culture and taste. This is the product’s main source of value, which has ascended the bag to legendary status.