Moda Operandi is a luxury retailer whose key source of differentiation is the use of the pretail model. The platform allows consumers to shop the runway via digital trunkshows: a concept whereby you can preview a designer’s upcoming collection and order individual pieces. Therefore, Moda Operandi allows designers to commercialize their entire portfolio of creativity while simultaneously enabling consumers to buy what they perceive aligns with their style and taste. MO plays into the design principle of ideopleasure, as it allows consumers to buy pieces they perceive as reflective of their creativity and self-expression. The platform is highly aspirational, yet allows buyers to create the wardrobe of their dreams.  

When examined in the context of psychopleasure, Moda Operandi as an e-commerce platform eases and streamlines purchasing with a one-click shopping experience. When examined in the context of physiopleasure, consumers are afforded the excitement of a piece of clothing and the properties that come along with it. The smell of a new piece of leather. The unboxing of a new purchase from your favorite designer. The way it feels draped and enveloped on the body.