MiniVAN is an app that allows people knocking on doors for a political campaign to access data and log information for the voters they contact. The app offers mainly behavioral pleasure, as it is easy to use, and helps walk first time volunteers through the process of talking to voters. When you click on a “household,” it will show you the name of the people you are looking for and the script that you should use to talk with them. Then, when you finish a conversation, it has easy “survey questions” to fill out and log the data. The app also offers a sense of accomplishment — as you move through a neighborhood, it has pop-ups that say, for example, “Almost there: you’ve canvassed 75% of your list! Thanks for all your hard work!” This reminds users that they’re really making a difference, and that their work is so important to their campaigns. Lastly, the app offers visceral pleasure — when you log the data for each door, dots on the map turn different colors depending on the response, which makes it satisfying to look at a full map after a long shift of knocking on doors.