MapMyRun is an app by Under Armour that allows users to, fittingly, map their runs. The app offers both behavioral and reflective pleasure — it is easy to take off and go with the app in the background, and every time the runner goes another mile, it tells them how far and how fast they’ve gone. After the run, the user can look at the information the app collected, which includes a map of where they’ve gone, their average pace, their split times, and their elevation. This makes the app fun to use, and makes running easy to track. The app also offers reflective pleasure because users can save their runs, and even caption runs with details or pictures. This allows them to look back at their runs, and see how much they’ve improved since they started using the app, which brings the pleasure of being able to tangibly chart improvement. Finally, MapMyRun even has social pleasure, because users can add friends, and see their friends’ data too. This is a great app to hold yourself and others accountable, and is useful for beginning runners and experts alike!