The pleasure points of reading via the kindle app can be broken down into the following:

Psycho-pleasure: It is (mostly) so easy to use and includes functionality such as highlighting, and notetaking. I love to read before I sleep, but I hate having to turn the pages of an actual book while lying down in bed. This app makes it so I don’t have to!

Physio-pleasure: I would say that the app makes it so easy to do the things I want to do with a book (outlined above) that the fact that I can do them with this app is actually a viscerally pleasurable experience. 

Ideo-pleasure: I love that I can use my phone to do something that isn’t being “sucked in” to social media. Being able to read my books on my phone means that I spend less time mindlessly scrolling through social media, which is not something I ever really want to be doing (and even feel bad about), but it is often the only thing to do while idle.  Reading on my phone makes me feel like I am becoming a better person by not defaulting into unproductive behaviours. 

Socio-pleasure: There is a social element to the kindle reading experience. You can see which passages of your book have been highlighted by a notable number of people. This is sometimes interesting and does provide a feeling of connection with a world bigger than you.