For a while, I was sold on another Pilot Pen. But like the review before me, I completely changed my view after I tried this pen. The quality of the line drawn is unlike anything else — artists, engineers and architects would appreciate the quality of this line. The price is somewhere in the middle. It costs more than the cheap plastic ballpoint pens, but you won’t kick yourself if you lose it. Overall a fantastic pen.


At the start of this semester, I decided it was time to invest in new pens. As always, I turned to Amazon in search of the cheapest and highest quality product I could find. I knew I wanted rollerball pens, which tend to be on the pricier side. I ended up purchasing these and have absolutely fallen in love, save for the fact that sometimes it’s tricky to get the ink to release. I think through this product especially I’ve realized how much convenience comes into play when consumers are purchasing a product – I could have easily gone to a CVS to purchase pens, but I wanted something high quality and cheap, and I wanted to peruse a lot of different options.