“Crocks are the greatest shoes to ever be invented.” -a previous review. I couldn’t agree more myself. Leading designers like Versace and Armani claim that these are the examples “Gesamtkunstwerk,” a total and complete work of art in the purest sense. What is most surprising, is the effectiveness of the camouflage. Once I looked down and had a heart attack because I thought I wasn’t wearing shoes. It would be so rude to not wear shoes during Easter Service, thank God I was wearing my camo crocs. 


Crocs are the greatest shoes to ever be invented. I purchased my first pair in high school – at the time I was super skeptical, but soon realized how fabulous crocs truly are. My first pair lasted me nearly three years: I wore the soles out of the bottom. Given how much I wear them, it’s incredible they lasted as long as they did. This is my second pair! I love crocs because they’re super comfortable, easy to clean, and retain no odor. Plus, they’re a great conversation starter.