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Emblematic Product Prototype

Victoria’s Secret is a household brand for women’s lingerie and underwear, with large distinguishable storefronts and models called “angels”. Today, the brand has lost not only market share but brand identity as a go-to, “accessible-luxury”. This is attributed to a number of reasons including a reported drop in quality of their products as well as the brand “failing to be aligned with women’s evolving attitudes towards beauty, diversity, and inclusion”. On closer, personal inspection, the changing times seem to have pushed the large pink patterned displays in a more gaudy than sensual direction. An overflow of designs and categories add clutter to websites and shelves causing an inconsistent, messy customer experience. Victoria’s Secret’s inconsistent pricing, oversaturated inventory, and outdated ethos seems to clash with the smooth online experiences, already replacing brick-and-mortar establishments, as well as recent awareness for body positivity. 

Our vision for revamping Victoria’s Secret can be segmented into the various categories of user experience. For physiopleasure, it is essential for Victoria’s Secret to return to the same level of quality that popularized their products in the first place. In particular, comfort and material quality is paramount in the undergarment market. Even so, product quality must also be supported by proper product presentation. Victoria’s Secret’s current inventory is massively overrun with infinite permutations of designs, categories, and collections which contribute to a distracted, viscerally exhausting experience. Though drastic, our proposed solution entails a complete overhaul, simplifying Victoria’s entire wardrobe into 5 styles of bra and underwear, respectively, with a single, changing feature style on a month by month basis. Our hope is that this would radically simplify physical and online storefronts. Specifically with regards to the website, which is the most important medium of sale in this day and age, we adjusted the overall design ethos from “gaudy pink and gold times new roman” to a more simple, minimal look to reflect the more simple, minimal lineup. In sum, this would facilitate a smooth experience from start to sale. 

To improve consumer sociopleasure, Victoria’s Secret needs to embrace diversity in body shape, type, and defining beauty. We hope to accomplish this by making sure the marketing ethos and product selection as a whole are defined by comfort and practicality rather than sex appeal. From a marketing perspective, using product models of diverse body types and recruiting popular personalities online rather than supermodels expands the definition of beauty that is being advertised in a familiar, relatable way. Furthermore, we have prototyped a body visualizer tool on the product pages that will assist the customer in choosing a style and size that will complement the customer’s own specifications. We hope that this is both a practical tool as well as a reflection of an active effort to accommodate for all sizes and shapes so that customers will want to purchase Victoria’s Secret’s products to value signal diversity in beauty. 

For ideopleasure, the redesign and rebrand will improve customer opinion and relationship with the brand. For example, the body visualizer tool provides an individualized experience, making the customer feel accepted and, eventually, loyal. Moreover, Victoria’s Secret should reinstate consistent pricing (ie: $40 for bras, $10 for underwear, and $60 for the feature) to gain customer trust. Victoria’s Secret already has brand recognition and if they can reengineer that into a new look and feel, the customer will furthermore enjoy being associated with the brand. 

In terms of psychopleasure, the new website attempts to simplify the buying experience. The body visualizer and the ability to input individual information makes it easy for the user to see the product on a body very similar to their own, and it decreases the stress that comes with purchasing undergarments. The decrease in product options to five bras, five underwear, and one feature as well as the ability to specify the exact type of material and the exact color desired product makes navigating the website more simple, and reduces the chaos that often comes with trying to find a very specific style out of a multitude of options. Lastly, the consistency in both the styles and pricing simplify the experience of purchasing undergarments and make it less necessary to plan purchases around sales and style availability.