The Problem: How do you clean your makeup brushes?

Professionals recommend cleaning your makeup brushes at least once a week, but people rarely do so because of the time-consuming process. However, not cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is extremely unhygienic and the bacteria-infested makeup brushes may cause you numerous skin problems. One product on the market designed to address this problem is the StylPro MakeUp Brush Cleaner, which is featured in the image above. As helpful as the product may be, critics revealed there were numerous flaws with the product design-wise and mechanics-wise. We chose to redesign the StylPro MakeUp Brush Cleaner, which intends to make this process of cleaning makeup brushes automated and efficient. The product’s value proposition is unique and it appeals to many users. Yet, as we read reviews and observed users using the product, we realized that many aspects could be improved. For example, some users complained that the product looks clunky, and that the cleaning process is rather complicated. YouTube beauty gurus and casual makeup enthusiasts alike left their feedback on the product. Visually, it didn’t seem to work. “I thought that was a coffee pot in the thumbnail ?” read one user review. Additionally, the product’s 11 separate components made users feel confused and left them anxious that they may lose some of the parts. There was a slight cognitive load imposed upon the user with the many individual components designed to accommodate different-sized brushes. Multiple brushes could not be washed at once. The original StylPro was not characterized by ease or facility of use.

Our Solution: Meet StylPro+

The Mechanics

The StylPro+ is strategically designed to ease the makeup brush cleansing process, while offering users a more aesthetically pleasing product and a streamlined experience. The redesign is characterized by ease and facility of use. At its core, the StylPro+ aims to offer a pleasurable experience for users.

The StylPro+ comes equipped with five individual brush compartments that can fit different sizes and shapes. Unlike its slightly clunky and complicated predecessor, the StylPro+ has the ability to clean multiple brushes at once. Product assembly is simple: just fill the bottom half of the apparatus with water and the cleansing solution. Then, attach the top and bottom half of the device with the brushes strapped and secured in place. Activate the cleansing process with the touch of the start button on top. A blue light glows when the brushes are done washing and drying. After the cleansing process is complete, the user is welcome to store the product on a countertop or vanity. The redesign enables the StylPro+ to become a permanent fixture of the mantelpiece. The user has the ability to reassemble the device into one cohesive, beautiful unit.   

Points of Pleasure

  • Psycho-pleasure: StylPro+ plays into the “oddly satisfying” trend of consumer goods. It provokes a strong cognitive and emotional reaction. With each use of the product, StylPro+ allows users to derive satisfaction from the cleansing process itself; users exit the process armed with the underlying psychological sense of rejuvenation and renewal. At the end of a cleaning cycle, a soft blue glow from the top of the StylPro+ tells users their brush is clean, giving a satisfying feel.
  • Ideo-pleasure: Makeup lovers connect on social media to share and review products that are fresh and smart. StylPro+ can become the product that unites the beauty community, the gold standard of keeping your brushes clean. Additionally, the StylPro+ promotes sustainability and continuation of use, reducing the need to replace your brushes with frequency. Eventually, every member of the beauty community will have one!
  • Physio-pleasure: The product lends a sense of health and wellbeing, since the process of cleansing prevents the cross-contamination of makeup. The StylPro+ has also been redesigned to look aesthetically pleasing, and can sit on your makeup table as a permanent fixture. The product is beautiful and minimalist, adding to the ambiance of any room.

User Profile

StylPro+ targets both the professional cosmetologist and the casual makeup enthusiast alike. Today, makeup celebrates and welcomes all genders and identities. The global beauty community is more diverse and more accepting than ever before, with the shade range to accommodate. We thus perceive the product’s appeal to be highly broad. The professional cosmetologist goes through many brushes and many products per day; they employ a mix of colors and shades to suit each client’s needs. Both ease of use as well as the prevention of cross-contamination are key. Similarly, the casual makeup enthusiast faces a need to maintain cleanliness with each use of the brush to avoid the contamination of colors and shades. With all spectrums of the beauty community united in the quest for reuse, the StylPro+ was strategically redesigned to reach this vast and global market.

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