Our product is a rebrand of the Pillsbury flour line for the American modern baker who wants to go above using preset baking mixes and be inspired by adding exploration and extravagance to an activity they enjoy.

Our focus on rebranding the Pillsbury flour packages is to reestablish its flour line and bring a coherence to its line in order to appeal to the target audience regardless of their dietary preferences. In addition, the new sleek design differentiates the Pillsbury brand from its competitors, which all still use traditional, outdated, cluttered packaging with large disconnects between their different types of flour.

By rebranding our flour with a simple design and one uniform packaging, we provide a reassurance to the consumer that our product is reliable and high in quality. We capture and retain a user’s intention both by removing some of the pain points of buying flour in a store (flour dust, it might spill on other items or the packaging could be damaged) and by connecting flour to the pleasurable and luxurious baking activity through refined design. We are also doing a rebranding to move away from some bad press involving an e coli outbreak of 2019. This is achieved by making “Pillsbury” refined by altering the look of the doughboy, the biggest features on the packaging which are both trusted and commonly known entities within American baking. By making the user excited about Pillsbury flour and “trying something new” they can reconnect to their love for baking in order to recalibrate themselves onto an activity they enjoy, aided by our luxury product

The Pillsbury Company has been a household name since its origins in 1872. Known for its high- quality grains and oats, Pillsbury became an American staple that continuously grew in popularity. By the 1950s Pillsbury expanded its line of products to include innovative baking products that made baking simpler and more accessible. With the launch of these new products, Pillsbury introduced the Pillsbury Doughboy and commercial campaigns that assisted in bringing in a wider customer audience and growing the company to be one of the largest American brands. Due to its great success, The Pillsbury Company was sold to General Mills in 2001 where its baking mixes and cookie doughs have become the focal point of the brand while an original product, flour, has been disregarded. As it currently stands, Pillsbury Best Flour line consists of 10 different flours with varying packaging, cluttered visual packaging design, and lackluster presence on the shelf.

After the General Mills accusation, Pillsbury has shifted to focus solely on baking and baked goods, even renaming its website Pillsburybaking.com. The iconic Pillsbury Doughboy no longer laughs as someone touches his belly or exclaims the memorable slogan “Nothing says Lovin’ like Something from the Oven!” Instead, Pillsbury has shifted away from novelty marketing to embracing creative wholesome homemade baking seen through its social media pages. In doing so, Pillsbury has demonstrated that the consumer can do more than Slice and Bake or use a baking mix to create memorable and delicious desserts, but instead can be a pastry chef creating their own pastry masterpiece. By trying to open up the idea of Pillsbury as the bake goods company for any type of baker, the commodity good, flour, needs to be rebranded to fit into Pillsbury’s current model.

In transforming a commodity good, first the usability of the product needed to be reevaluated. From many user experiences, flour is often seen as a messy product that gets everywhere. In order to reduce the amount of flour spillage and limit oxidation, a seal tie has been attached to the top of the package so to reseal the flour after it is opened. This will assist in the behavioral experience with the flour where it reduces mess and extends the flour’s shelf life. Additionally, new minimalistic packaging has been implemented to stand out amongst other flour packages and to broadcast to the consumer the new wave of Pillsbury. The Pillsbury Best Flour line has been changed so that all flour is uniformly packaged with specific changes to the chef’s hats that denote the difference in flour. By changing the package so that the varying flours have a similar base packaging, it presents the idea that all of the flour is of the same quality and it is a reliable line. The new packaging allows for a pleasurable visceral experience with the flour where a baker feels current and understood as a serious baker. Through these design shifts, the passion of homemade baking can be reignited for the consumer and make them feel a greater sense of accomplishment once their oven timer goes off since they crafted something on their own. The reflective nature of baking a new treat will continue to drive the consumer to purchase Pillsbury Best Flour habitually.

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