We believe that flower is beyond a commodity.

While conventional florists serve to feed people’s last-minute demand on special occasions, l’ efflorescence, as a novel experience itself, integrates flowers to meet people’s physio, socio, ideo ad psychological pleasure. For the physio and socio pleasure, the interior design invites people to spend time here: drink coffee, take flower lessons, shop around all the flower-related goods. By immersing in such an environment, people get to know more about flowers and maintenance strategies. In reflection, photos people post on social media share their pleasure even after the experience in l’efflorescence.

Instead of picking up and carrying the physical flowers themselves by customers, the design of cards serves as an in-store currency that represent the flowers they pick and could be used to get ingredients of making flower-related products such as flower soaps, perfumes, candles, etc, which they could make in store. In addition, one can also get a cup of drink with a card. The customer could also take cards back home as postcards to share with people.

UX Journey Map: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V77dwqTJZEtNYE7Fhh2FfwMeAM8LQKn0EU_KtDS0qUM/edit?usp=sharing