smart helmet

by Zach Snyder

smart helmet:
Helmet that can detect when you slow down and turn, and it flashes lights with respect to movement. This helmet is appealing to bike commuters in busy cities because it will help them alert cars of stopping and turns. The first review fails to mention how the helmet will not be exact because of the nature of the roads swerving, which could get off false signals of a biker turning.
In the past I did a foldable helmet. I’m incredibly interested in cycling + adventure innovations. For this What I’ve Got, I want to highlight a “smart helmet,” the Classon helmet by Brooklyness.
The his helmet goes beyond protecting one’s cranium. It essentially allows the biker to be almost read as car when traveling. Designed to improve safety and visibility, the helmet has  gesture-activated turn signals, automatic brake lights, blind spot detection, and more.
Brooklyness loaded the Classon bike helmet with lights, sensors, and smart features that help to inform cyclists about their surroundings in a visible yet non-disruptive way. A key question is well this is great, but how long does it last? It can currently operate up to 2.5 hours per charge and communicates with mobile devices via Bluetooth and the cloud/web via Wi-Fi. Thus, it’s clearly intended for urban or short commutes.
An integrated accelerometer automatically triggers the brake lights when it detects that the user is coming to a stop. The Classon features sensors that read body movement and actuate the appropriate turning light based on hand gestures.
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