chocolate shoes

by Zach Snyder

Chocolate Shoes:

Chocolate that is the shape of high heel shoes. This is appealing because high heels shoes already have a sense of luxury to them, and by combining this with a reputable brand that makes confections, a new level of prestige is reached. This is different than the original review because the first review fails to mention how chocolate, dating back to pre-Columbus times, was already a symbol of royalty in the Americas.


For my very last What I’ve Got, I wanted to write about a magical product. Or, a very ordinary product that reveals something magical. In a way, I’ve found that this exemplifies my design style. I like my designs to appear familiar in some way to the user to entice them to explore it further or connect with them on an emotional level. But within this design I want to create something new or unexpected or innovative, thereby pushing the delight factor for the user.
The product that exemplifies this magic in the mundane philosophy is the Chocolate Shoe created and sold by Norman Love Confections in Florida. From the outside, the shoes just look like ordinary shiny high heeled shoes. There are black, leopard print, and zebra print shoes. However, the brown insole is actually chocolate. The shoes are made by painting the inside of the mold with edible paint which dries shiny. Then, he fills the painted molds with chocolate, waits for them to cool, and pops them out!
Norman explains that his inspiration is derived from the mundane: his wife’s shoe collection. But in taking that very ordinary presence, he was able to create magic by combining it with a delighter: chocolate! To further reinforce the mundaneness of the initial experience with the shoe, he sells them in purse like bags.

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