Chalk Holder

by Zach Snyder

Chalk Holder:

This is a holder for a piece of chalk so your hands don’t get messy while writing on the board. This is desirable because it prevents chalk from breaking, and it also allows the user to feel more prestigious while writing, since it is more than just a piece of chalk.


The other day I noticed my OEB professor was using this ingenious device– a chalk holder!
Many professors still prefer to use a chalkboard over a whiteboard– perhaps its nostalgia or tradition– but we can all agree that chalk is incredibly messy. I’ve seen many a teaching assistant and student, including myself, get chalk dust all over themselves and their clothing when writing on a blackboard.
The chalk-holder contains the dust produced from chalk. You can simply insert any piece of chalk into the holder and twist the bottom of the holder to make it fit properly. 
Manufactured by a Japanese company, these sell for around $5 on Amazon. 

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