Wanderlust Journal

by Lucy Golub

This reviewer discusses the emotional connection they have with this journal because of the photos and personal writing they’ve added. Rather than a regular empty journal, this journal is travel themed, encouraging creativity in that regard. The photos represent journeys and the notebook is a space to track previous trips that have occurred, making the user associate the journal with their previous good times, as the reviewer suggests. Though I prefer journals I can fill with my own words, rather than being dictated by printing, I similarly associate the certain notebook with the time of my life that I got it, further establishing that emotional connection.

What I’ve Got for this week is My Wanderlust Travel Journal from 2009-2010, the year I left LA to study in DC, Beijing, and Ankara, Turkey. This object is provocative because it represents exploration. It acts as a memoir for the adventures I had, the risks I took, and the challenges I faced during that year, as well as a symbol of hope that more is yet to come, that I’ll never cease to explore. Design wise, I love the images used to evoke a sense of movement, time, and place. Each page is different, much like how no day is quite like the one before when one travels. The journal also includes helpful information such as a world facts page, international dialing codes, and more. I recently discovered this journal on a trip to my parents’ house, and as I re-read it, I reminisced about the at-times profound, at-times laughably naive, thoughts I had as a 21-year-old.

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