What I’ve Got: Away Lugguage

by Danielle Green

This product gives off sleek, glossy, and modern vibes. The material is tough and durable, and the sizing is perfect — which guarantees a frictionless onboard experience. The product is practical and versatile with a touch of style. Away brand luggage also comes with a built-in charging station, perfect for travelers on the go who are always in tune with their phones. The name is also short and sweet, conveying the product and communicating the brand message.

Like the previous reviewer of this product, I love how Away categorizes their luggage by size restriction, clearly differentiating between “international and domestic carry-on” sizes. The brand also offers an extensive and playful range of colors. Away maximizes ease and facility of use.

Previous Review by G. Martinez

I HATE luggage. I think most of it is either boring or ugly, not particularly high quality unless you pay a fortune, and the airlines are inconsistent with sizing regulations. Carrying on a bag is always like walk through a field of landmines at the airport. Will the check in attendant require me to check it? Will I make it past TSA? Will they try to charge me as I am boarding the plane? All of these scenarios have happened to me in the past and luggage is the most stressful part of flying for me. AWAY is a new company that makes buying high-quality luggage fairly easy and affordable. They sell their pieces by size restriction and even differentiate between international and domestic carry-on sizes. The other great thing about them is that they have a built-in battery in the handle that lets you charge your usb devices. This is great because you can charge up the battery while you pack and then have emergency power with you at the airport. Unlike most luggage companies which simply scale their larger bags down to carry on, AWAY has designed a bag specifically for the moments in the airport where you still have to carry it around, so you might as well take advantage of its space.

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