Pants Hangers

by Margaret Sun

One of the most unassuming, oddly useful home goods is the pants hanger. A slight modification on the typical clothes hanger dominates Amazon’s Home & Kitchen category. With the rising popularity of Marie Kondo, and the school of thought that being mindful of how you organize and store physical objects is the first step to giving the illusion of an orderly fulfilling life, what appears to be a simple wire or wood mechanism becomes your ticket to self-actualization.

My review also focuses on the organizational appeal of pants hangers. The previous reviewer talked much more about the actual usage of pants hangers. I don’t own a single pants hanger. I just appreciate that they exist.

“In my room at school I use pant hangers as a way of hanging the posters in my room. They provide an easy and cheap method of displaying the posters. It makes the space look simple and clean, while also being fairly quirky and interesting. Normally I would put posters up on my walls by using sticky tack or washi tape. This tends to eventually slide down or peel off, and I end up with copious amounts of tack and tape to hold up the posters. I think the hangers are a fun way of holding up the posters while being reliable in that I know they will stay up.”

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