My Review: (3/5)
Though our review needs to focus on what we find delightful, I personally dislike the idea of a sweet bagal. That being said, what I like about this bagal is that it seems specific to a location and a certain history, as described by the review below – its connection to Montreal and the Jewish community there. As such, what I’d find desirable is to try out something new and novel, that is connected to a particular culture and community. My review contradicts the review below, which seems to really love the sweetness of the taste ー NS2020, Review

Previous Review

“Montreal bagels, I think, are the best-designed bagels. Thinner and sweeter (it is made with honey) than NY bagels, their carb-y, chewy goodness is a lighter option. Both originated in Poland, but from different parts of the nation. In Yiddish, beygel means ring: these ring-shaped breads are easy to string on a pole or with a string, as many Jewish vendors did.

As members of the Montreal Jewish community left for other Canadian cities, Montreal-style bagel shops also began to spread. However, the two most famous shops remain in Montreal. Whenever you meet a Montrealer, you can ask if they are team St-Viateur or Fairmount!”