My Review (4/5)
This is a basic and simple duffel. The color black is one of my favorite colors, and it means it can match with most things, as well as not get dirty easily. The duffel seems spacious, and can take a lot of sutff. I can use it for a beach, sports event, or even travel. I like that I can also easily size the handle, to fit my needs at a particular day and time. It also looks pretty light, given the material. Lululemen brand implies that it is probably expensive, and of higher quality, but the brand also invokes a certain “prestige” and “luxuory” that could be desirable.

Previous Review
This duffel is water resistant and well-constructed. Key features are the diagonal zipper that makes it easier to reach contents inside and the abundance of pockets. It has been a pretty good carryon because it is a manageable size. The duffel is surprisingly spacious with a number of outside compartments and the customizable straps come in handy. Since its not made of the most heavy duty material, I always worry that it will get easily look worn and scuffed, but it has kept up fairly well. I really like how sleek and sporty it looks even though I have never used it to carry any exercise-related items.