Convertible Suitcase

by Margaret Sun

High Sierra’s convertible suitcase model, with a backpack that can detach from the front of a carry-on suitcase for separate usage, or attach to expand space when packing is a dream for the frequent traveller. With numerous pockets and sturdy materials and construction, the versatility of the design becomes a subtle reflection of the user’s own indomitable flexibility as an explorer of the world.

The previous review was much more thorough in describing the physical features of the suitcase. I wrote more about what the object suggests in the user.

“This High Sierra suitcase takes adjustability to a new level: the small backpack (shown at left) can be zipped onto the front of the suitcase to form a single bag or used separately as a small carryon when traveling. The wheeled suitcase can also be used as a backpack by unzipping the straps – though I find that option less comfortable, it could come in handy if traveling with a lot of bags or navigating uneven ground. The small backpack has plenty of different pockets, so you can keep your travel essentials close at hand. Zippers throughout are heavy duty, which is something I always look for in suitcases, since a broken zipper while traveling is a pain to deal with. This practical design allows for a great deal of flexibility, so this suitcase works well for many different travel scenarios.”

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