My Review: 4/5
How can I be in a cold city as Boston and now love a beautiful blanket scarf? It is such a versatifle piece. It keeps me warm, makes me look more chic and put together, and gives me something to play with when I’m bored. It is an easy way to layer, without putting in much work. Scarves are also relatively affordable, so it can help change a style without putting much thought or paying a lot. It is also easy to just give to a friend, who may be freezing. My only concern about this product is the material – could it be warmer? My view is also consistent with the other review, which sees scarves as a coozy and trendy piece”.

Previous review
I love blanket scarves. They were not something that I owned in high school, a combination of the fact that they weren’t as trendy but then and that I wasn’t as desperate for warmth and coziness (I was in California). I think the blanket scarves have marketed so well this last season because they have a comfortable, carefree, and cozy vibe. They ooze style and utility at the same time. For me, I gravitate towards them because I can wear the scarf around my neck as I walk in the frigid Boston cold, and then wear it around my body as a blanket wrap when I’m holed up in Lamont working on a paper. It’s like a portable safety blanket, and who doesn’t want that!