Uniqlo Airism

by ldelaney1127

Uniqlo’s Airism is a collection of clothing that is designed to be cooling and breathable, meant to be worn during hot and humid days. The moisture-wicking technology does actually work, and the products pricing is in line with Uniqlo’s typical affordable prices. This product is desirable because it works well and is simple (and therefore not unstylish) at a reasonable price. Especially compared to other sportswear brands that may charge a lot for a simple workout shirt, Uniqlo’s lower prices make the product even more desirable.

Previous review:
I spent half a year before grad school living in Taiwan – a period which included the sweltering summer months. It was during this time that I discovered Uniqlo’s AIRism line of shirts — T-shirts made with a synthetic fabric precisely engineered to both be and feel cool.
I’ve always been a big fan of Uniqlo (hello, cheap minimalism), but the AIRism line of shirts opened up a whole new line of appreciation. As products, the shirts really deliver an unrivaled desirable experience: fabric that breathes well, stretches, feels smooth and stay dry. It’s safe to say the shirts became my essentials in Taiwan, and I’ve stuck with them since.

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