by ldelaney1127

Goodwill is an organization that provides job training and other community services for people who lack the resources to get a job. However, most people know Goodwill for the way in which they make money, which is through thrift stores and donations. People like Goodwill because of the service that they do for less fortunate people; the organization has an emotional impact on customers who shop at Goodwill thrift stores, because they know that profits of the items they are purchasing are going towards a good cause. The previous review author focused mainly on Goodwill’s affordable prices, which is another reason that people may prefer to shop their instead of other stores.

Previous Review:
I think Goodwill is incredible. With a fairly small investment of time looking through the racks, you can find pretty much any type of clothing, at very affordable prices. I’ve bought suits and blazers for $15 that are perfect for social events at college, because I don’t care if they get something spilled on them or if I lose anything. Of course, it’s also great for costumes at halloween!

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