Curology has found its recent success through two key points in the user journey: a) bringing about awareness regarding its brand through possibly one of the most far-reaching social media marketing campaigns I’ve seen in the past few years, and b) giving new customers the momentum to move from consideration/intent to purchase through its one month free trial (excluding $5 shipping). I actually think they’ve done a phenomenal job of selling their entire brand (beyond just selling their product) – they have a clear mission, cohesive aesthetic, and excellent communication. Post-purchase, for example, they’re transparent about their timeline (from order to prescription finalization to delivery of product) and manage to communicate a feeling of reliability and friendliness (versus aggressiveness brought about by spamming) as their emails rarely market additional products and instead include relevant skincare tips and messages worded in personal/colloquial language. I ran into very few pain points during my experience with Curology, but a few potential ones are as follows: 1) due to its relatively new nature, more careful users are likely to spend an extensive time browsing through reviews and through the website to check for legitimacy/see if there are any catches, 2) impatient users might find the questionnaire process a little long (although it is quite straightforward and easy to complete), and 3) because each user receives 3 bottles, there is potential for confusion regarding which order to user the bottles in – instructions are provided, but it might be helpful to label 1,2,3 on each bottle. Otherwise, I think Curology has done a wonderful job evaluating and refining their user journey.

See user experience journey spreadsheet here: