The Ray-Ban Club Master is a luxury-looking pair of eyeglasses. I think this product is desirable because it is a popular style that exudes sophistication. The iconic shape and gold trim all add to a luxury experience. Emotionally, these glasses could be considered a statement piece, not anyone chooses to wear these glasses.

Both the previous reviewer and I noted the iconic design of these pair of glasses and how popular they are. The previous reviewer also noted that this design is so popular it has been copied by so many other brands at different price points.

Previous Review:
“I’m always fascinated by brands that manage to create a product so iconic that several other companies spin off the product themselves at different price points. That remains true for the Ray-Ban club master, which has been replicated at price points ranging from $15 to $300. I appreciate the preppy origin of the glasses and the fact that they’re not the traditional full-rimmed version–it adds a spin on an original classic.”