The HyperAdapt 1.0 is a self-lacing pair of tennis shoes. I think that this is a desirable product because it is incredibly high tech and pays homage to the self-lacing shoe technology in the hit film “Back to the Future”. It also has a glowing LED which is new and unique on a shoe. Emotionally, this shoe could appeal to a need to be unique, and to own a limited access, high technology product could be considered a status symbol.

The previous reviewer talked about the price of the item and, interestingly, the application of this shoe for people with impaired motor function in the hands. The previous reviewer also had historical information, and like me, touched on the shoe’s connection to Back to the Future.

Previous Review:
“The HyperAdapt 1.0 was released in the market for $720. The technology, still too expensive for wide consumption, are more than just a fancy solution to shoe tying. They can give athletes the edge in fastening their shoes while in competition. Secondly, the could be incredibly useful for individuals with impaired motor conditions.
*Nike did release actual 1985 McFly replicas dubbed the ‘Back to the Futures’ (or Airmags) in 2016 to 89 lucky charity lottery winners. Unlike the Hyperadapts, these shoes were not released to the market.”