by Rachel Kang

As someone who goes to school in rural Western Massachusetts, I am a loyal ZipCar fan. The previous reviewer highlighted the confidence and trust that ZipCar imparts in its users. I want to mention some other factors that makes ZipCar my favorite mode of transportation:
– The mobile app: The app lets you lock/unlock, or even honk the car – you can lose your ZipCard and still have access to the car. This comes in super handy also because you are walking to a parking lot not knowing what your car looks like!
– The pricing: ZipCar gives student discount ($15/year for student membership, $7-9 for hourly rental), and comes with car insurance as well as gas.
– Personalization: All cars are named, and you feel like you get to “know” certain cars when you rent one out again (some examples of names: Requisition, Mekkar, Gillis, Ensenada, Imogen)

Previous review (from
I recently took ZipCar for the first time, and the whole experience was absolutely fantastic. I always imagined that this car sharing service would feel strange, but the company has made it so easy to feel comfortable taking a car you have never seen before and drive where you want to go. I think that this is the essence of its success. There is some sort of confidence in the fact that while rental car services require all sorts of things like a certain age and paperwork and everything, but ZipCar simply trusts you to take care of their car. In doing this, ZipCar turns what could be a strange experience (sharing a car with anyone and everyone), and makes it extremely pleasant and comfortable for their consumer.

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