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What is it?
American Eagle High Rise Jegging

Why do you think it’s desirable? Do your best to explain what you think works or not about it psychologically or emotionally for the user?

This product is a multidimensional product, which is in part why it is desirable for the consumer. The ‘jegging’ is as if jeans and leggings had a love affair and this was their offspring. It is a pair of pants that feels like leggings, stretchy and comfortable, whilst looking like jeans. This product is the ultimate 2 in 1 experience, combining beneficial elements of both pant styles into one. It appeals emotionally and psychologically to the user because this product reduces the discomfort and stress that denim often induces, while still providing them with the suitable and fashionable standards that denim invokes in the wearer.

How your review compares to the previous reviewer
This review is less personal, but still recognizes the user/wearer-based interaction and appeal with the product.

Previous reviewer response
Growing up as an athlete, thick thighs and a small waist made jean choices difficult; either the jeans fit my thighs and were ridiculously loose in the waist, or they would technically fit my waist size but I couldn’t get them above my knees. Denim is a terror because it doesn’t stretch, so the revolution of stretchy jeggings changed my life. Despite their ability to mold easily to my curvy frame, most versions of jeggings throughout my middle and early high school life looked super fake (like seriously – drawn-on stitching?), didn’t have any pockets, and were made of cheap material. Then, in my junior year of high school, I discovered American Eagle jeans. Figuring I would give denim another try since the no-pocket fake-jean looking jeggings were becoming annoying, I walked to the mall hoping that the jean industry had evolved in my hiatus. However, the jeans still couldn’t fit my body type and I was becoming discouraged. Then, I saw an advertisement for a new type of jegging outside of a store I had not seen before called American Eagle. They boasted about having departments dedicated to over 80 different body shapes, resulting in a plethora of pant styles for everyone. They had created a stretchy jegging that looked just like jeans, had pockets, was great quality, and literally everything I was looking for; I walked out of the store that day with three pairs of jeans and have been a faithful customer ever since! The high rise jegging is my favorite style, as it removes the awkward lumps from low-rise jeans and is a more stylish take on a high-waisted jean. American Eagle is one of my favorite companies because they are the ONLY company that makes pants that fit me –therefore, they’re what i’ve got!