My Review: I completely agree with the previous review about the numerable advantaged of these water bottle filling stations. They’ve completely changed the water bottle game for me: I can now fill my bottle up 100% as opposed to the past 70% due to the awkward angle of older water fountain spouts, I feel as if the water is more sanitary because it doesn’t pass through the spout which many people cough/put their mouths on, I’m incentivized to use it again and again when I see the number of water bottles saved going up, and the entire process is so much easier because it relies on an automatic sensor so that I don’t need to press a button and fill up my bottle simultaneously (sometimes difficult for uncoordinated people like me especially when holding many things at once).

Previous Review: These water bottle filling stations just started cropping up in the last few years. They are obviously useful, but also have a number of intelligent design decisions that make them better than they have to be. Filling up a water bottle at a normal water fountain is fairly impractical, so these solve a problem that isn’t a huge deal but is certainly an inconvenience. They are incredibly easy to use, with simple accommodations such as the outline of the water bottle with a sensor, clearly indicating how to use it. There is even a little screen counting the number of plastic water bottles saved through its use, an incentive to keep coming back, and to make more green choices.