My Review: I love Warby Parker for their affordable glasses, but even more so for their policies. They, along with many other newer companies such as Casper, Away, and Curology have done an amazing job taking advantage of and reinventing the free trial to reel in customers and establish customer loyalty (after all, it’s so easy to accept something that is free, but so hard to let go of something after you already have it). They’ve incorporated nearly every contemporary selling strategy into their practice: you can take a simple quiz on their website to find the best frames for your face, have several different frames delivered to you to try on for a month, select your favorite, return it within 30 days if dissatisfied, and they’ll even donate glasses through their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program.

Previous Review: Warby Parker is a New York based glasses company. They have a « home try on » program where they will send you up to 5 pairs of glasses for you to try on at home. They also partner with a charity and donate a pair of glasses to charity (or the know-how that will result in a pair of glasses). Their designs are mostly retro/neo-modernist, and have much lower prices than other brands because they operate outside of the giant Luxotica consortium.
One week after purchasing glasses from them, I sat on them and broke them. Thankfully, they have a 30 days, no questions asked return policy. They shipped me a new pair and let me keep the old pair until I received the old one. The second pair have lasted longer.