An app for your phone to scan and upload documents using your phone’s camera. I struggle to find this “desirable”. It provides functionality, for sure, and, perhaps, at the time did give a sense of “technological advancedness”. Today, I could also wonder whether it seems “gimmicky” or evoke connotations of people looking to their phones too much.
The original reviewer speakes mostly about functionality.

TinyScanner allows you to use your phone’s camera to scan documents and save/upload/email them.
TinyScanner as well as many other document-scanning documents have made scanners obsolete. The app is a great example of the pace of technological innovation in the industry.
I use TinyScanner quite a lot actually. I originally downloaded the app sophomore fall when a course I took that required digital submission of psets. But now, I use it weekly to share notes with friends, save important papers, and send documents. Even though it is possible to do all those tasks with just your phone’s camera, TinyScanner will correct any uneven lighting and shadows and convert the image to black and white, so the scanned document s a lot cleaner looking.
What I like most about TinyScanner is how much functionality it adds to my iPhone. It takes the existing technological capabilities of the iPhone (i.e. the camera lens) and adds additional effects to replace a machine that was once a vital fixture in all office spaces.