With every new semester comes the renewed dread of having to use my.harvard to search for classes. It is slow, often illogical, and aesthetically clunky. For such a basic need of students I would expect the university to invest in a more streamlined solution to this problem. Currently the biggest pain is that students usually only remember part of a title for a class but not the exact title. When this snippet is used as a search term in my.harvard, even if it is almost exactly the title of the class, the desired search result is likely far down the page, or even a few pages on. Smaller frustrations involve the dual verification login which requires access to a second device or that it is not easy to compare the important information on two classes side by side. As this process is something that we are all currently going through, I thought it would be good to look at the issues and possible solutions surrounding this common problem.

Here is the link to the User Journey Chart