Enso rings are silicone wedding rings. The appeal of this product is its lost cost, its comfortability, and its safety in comparison to traditional wedding rings. This intended demographic of this product is actually bit hazy for me because original poster claims that its a wedding band substitute before explaining that she herself owns one. While the student may, of course, be married it called into question for me if this product was actually being bought by people just looking for an inexpensive non-ceremonial ring. In my opinion, I think having them be bought in non-wedding contexts could diminish the amount of couples who use them as such just because a wedding band is supposed to be such a special, incomparable piece of jewelry. Also, the practicality of this product must truly be a major factor in its success because it is not that aesthetically captivating, from where I stand.

“Enso rings are silicon wedding bands. They were created to provide a safer alternative to metal bands, which can be easily damaged or lead to ring avulsion. The initial consumer market was athletes or people who work with their hands (surgeons, landscapers, mechanics, welders, etc.), but the rings have become popular among individuals who simply like the look or prefer a less expensive alternative to traditional bands. The bands run at around $11-$40, and come in a variety of different sizes, colors, and patterns. Some look like metals, while others are bright and can be stackable. I have one and wear it all the time, especially while climbing and at the gym- it is super comfortable and my original ring is increasingly just being used on fancier occasions. The rings are well-designed, and provide a personalized touch with many alternatives to something that a lot of people wear every day. They are marketed as beautiful, fun, and practical, and numerous companies have cropped up recently, selling a similar product. They rings also appeal to many individuals in younger generations, who increasingly shy away from expensive consumer products and value experiences and the uniqueness of such a product.”