by Gabe Ziaukas

Watercolors are a time-tested medium for creative expression. They are delicate and oftentimes depict scenes that are soothing and calm. The low-concentration of pigment allows for softer application and less of a mess, making them easy for at-home usage and for artists of all ages. They are easy to use, fun to paint with, and even easier to clean up. The previous reviewer spoke about their personal interaction with watercolor as a visual artist as well as the fact that they are a memory trigger.

Old Post:

Watercolors are the best. They are easy to use, washable, and fun for all age groups and skill levels. I remember using watercolors as a small child, and now as an art student here I have rediscovered their broad range and capability. What an incredible accomplishment as a medium to be so readily inventive and purpose driven – additionally, few, if any, types of paint are as portable as watercolors.

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