VOSS Artesian Water


VOSS Artesian Water

Artesian water is a specific type of free-flowing, potable spring water. Most of its customers are looking for great taste and potential health benefits. VOSS artesian water impresses me by its crisp, clean and refreshing taste that is easily recognizable. This taste also responds to the advertisement, which associates the product with a picture of wholesome life. Besides, the bottle is frequently reused by its customers due to the fine quality and stylish design.

The previous reviewer was more focused on the design of the bottle, which, according to the text, outweighed the quality of water itself.

Original review post title: What I’ve Got: VOSS


Voss water is a high-end brand of bottled water from Norway. The bottle’s iconic glass design, a clear cylinder with a silver cap, is reminiscent of an apparatus or test tube found in research labs. Voss has a strong presence in the fine dining market across the globe. The quality of the water has previously been called into question (once being rated worse than Helsinki’s tap water) so the Voss bottle is an example of how far an appealing design can impact a product’s prominence.

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