Tyrone LeBon and Calvin Klein’s #MyCalvins Campaign

by Sally O'Keeffe

Video link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=10&v=HMRbSI6QAWs&feature=emb_logo

This campaign simultaneously associates Calvins with beauty and celebrities, but it also allows room for personalizations. You aren’t wearing Calvin Klein, you’re wearing My Calvins and they, according to the ad, give you the power to be your best self, whatever that self is. By literally having a blank that has to be filled in, they are able to appeal to the masses, not just people who follow trends or who admire the people featured in the video. I agree with the previous review that this is one of the most “visually striking and provocative campaigns since the 1990s.”

Previous Review:
In the Fall of 2016, filmmaker and visual artist Tyrone Lebon teamed with Calvin Klein to craft one of their most visually striking and provocative campaigns since the 1990s.
Much like his other work (i.e. Frank Ocean’s “NIKES” video), Lebon employs cinema vérité and observational filmmaking – amidst highly controlled studio environments – to capture an energy foreign to the world of advertising. The pairing between his raw and unvarnished style (complete with each video’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it length) with a brand that literally sells itself on sex (or “sexiness”) results in some surprisingly beautiful advertisements.

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