Swingin’ Chair

The Swingin’ Chair has a different looking than other traditional hanging egg chairs. The materiality of the steel frame is designed to fit contemporary style of indoor furniture better than before, while the 60s look adds some flexibility to its combination. I personally like the semi-enclosed space, which provides me with a sense of secure, and meanwhile not blocking the view on two sides. The shape of the seat is comfortable enough for me to stay for a while, and get off the chair with ease.

The previous reviewer was focused more on the looking of the product, as well as the connection between the design and users’ feeling.

Original review post title: What I Got: Swingin’ Chair


The Swingin’ Chair drops the modern look of normal/basic egg-shaped chair and adds a 60s feel look to it. Even as this new design appears more comfortable, effortless, and human; it manages to maintain its sleek look.