Naked Juice

As its name suggests, Naked Juice is absent of preservatives, added sugars, and artificial flavors. The variation in color and flavor combination draws a spectrum of options for this daily add-on to “healthy” lifestyle. Although some people, including me, have realized the fact that fruit juices are low in fiber yet high in sugar, most of us are still satisfied by Naked Juice when craving for sweetness. The “natural” ingredients, after all, sounds like a better option than artificial additives in other processed foods.

The previous reviewer not only identified the paradox between staying healthy and feeling healthy, but also addressed the importance of the consistency between idea, content, and packaging.

Original review post title: What I Got: Naked Juice

These ads say it all. It promotes a healthy and organic image for consumers in a society where, to many, a good life style is everything. The material of the bottles gives a classy feel to Naked compared to your regular thin plastic juice bottles, and the rich colors of the juice itself make it easier for people to draw parallels to fresh smoothies, making the ads very believable. People don’t even need to be healthy in order to feel healthy by purchasing and consuming Naked.