H&M skinny regular ankle jeans

by Malila Freeman

Why is it desirable?

These jeans are a very basic clothing item, which is appealing to the user because they can be paired with many other clothing items to make a variety of outfits. Additionally, a pair of plain skinny jeans is seen as an essential item in anyone’s closet, so wearing them could make the wearer feel as though they are normal and on board with trends.

How does my review compare?

The last reviewer focused on the more practical components of the jeans, such as the fit and the price and not so much their usefulness as a clothing item more generally.

Previous reviewer response:

I recently bought this jeans from H&M and found something interesting from its design. First of all, I really like the length of this jeans. It just ends perfectly around your ankle so I don’t have to fold it or modify the jeans. Secondly, it is a really “jeans” not a legging, but comes with a surprisingly low price: only $9.99! The price is somehow too low and makes me start to wonder where the profit comes from selling this jeans.

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